Sample I did for a Job, never got an answer though. Can be taken as a fanart :)
This is my new OC (done before but never consider it actually an OC) Xuara, the pin up Alien :)
Moira - Sight to the future
A random illustration of my OC for color & perspective practice 
My OC Moira :) Style and paint practice :D

Eva + Tepin <3  - Wakfu Fanart

Character design belong to Ankama 

First illustration this 2014, LOTS of work lately! YAY! 

This is my OC Moira, doing her training :)

Illustrator night doodle :)

Carmen San Diego Fanart :) Old times!
Night Doodle, My character Moira doing a cosplay of Shinobu from Bakemonogatari
Wakfu Fanart :)